Salt Dough Mosaic Tiles

DIY Salt Dough Mosaic Tiles by Life Lesson Plans

When we took our trip in January to Neuschwanstein Castle on the way down to Garmisch, we were amazed at the gorgeous 19th century art and architecture we encountered. Floor to ceiling paintings decorated the walls, impressive woodwork amazed us throughout, but it was the throne room floor that really took our breath away. The entire floor is paved in tiny mosaic tiles depicting all sorts of animals… Imagine how many tiles it took to fill that space! It was so beautiful that I knew we had to do a follow up activity and make our own mosaics, and why not make our own salt dough tiles while we’re at it!

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Rainbow Salt Dough Recipe by Life Lesson Plans Rainbow Salt Dough Recipe

Mix all of the ingredients, divide the dough in to as many colors as you’d like, add the colorant and then shape anything you desire! Clay will air dry in 24+ hours depending on the thickness. You can also bake it on 170 degrees for 3-4 hours if you need it dry sooner.

DIY Salt Dough Mosaic Tiles by Life Lesson Plans

  1. Begin by mixing up a batch of salt dough (recipe above).
  2. Divide the dough in to as many colors as you would like and then add your colorant. I like these gel food colorings as they give nice vibrant colors.
  3. Roll out each color and punch out the shapes you’d like, a bottle cap makes perfect circles!
  4. A pizza cutter made cutting squares, rectangles, parallelograms, and triangles a breeze!
  5. Lay the mosaic tiles out on a piece of wax paper to dry, flip them every 12 hours and they’ll be dry in 24-36 depending on how thick you make them.
  6. Use glue to adhere the tiles to paper, picture frames, flower pots or anything else you can think of!

DIY Salt Dough Mosaic Tiles by Life Lesson Plans Another option would be to leave your salt dough white and then paint it when it was dry, this method would give you glossier tiles, but would be more time consuming.

DIY Salt Dough Mosaic Tiles by Life Lesson Plans Once our tiles had dried, we set to work designing our mosaics. Aurora decided she wanted to make a giraffe, so I helped her plan where her tiles should go. This was a great opportunity to have her practice using a bit of forethought in designing her art as once a tile is stuck it’s hard to undo!

DIY Salt Dough Mosaic Tiles by Life Lesson Plans Grayson went with a much more abstract concept, but that’s fine too! He’s working on learning his shapes and colors so these tiles provided the perfect opportunity to practice! He also really (like REALLY) loved painting the glue on his paper… somehow glue is more fun than paint!

DIY Salt Dough Mosaic Tiles by Life Lesson Plans

Here’s Aurora’s finished giraffe, I think it’s pretty darn adorable in my completely biased opinion! I made a flower design with them too, which you can see up top. I’ve been dreaming of seeing the tulips in Amsterdam this spring, so perhaps that will be our next big trip!

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  1. Love this idea and will be doing this with my kids they will have so much fun especially after we’ve visited the Roman Ruins near us.

    Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots last week just letting you know that I will be featuring this over on Rainy Day Mum this week.
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  2. This is so cool! What kind of glue do you recommend? Will regular Elmer’s work?

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