Glowing, Bouncy Egg

We are having so much fun playing with eggs this spring! We’ve painted them, we’ve dropped them, and we’ve turned them in to a glowing bouncy ball! My latest post for ParentSavvy has the full instructions for this egg-citing science experiment!

Egg Drop Experiment

We’ve been having lots of fun with eggs around here, painting them, experimenting with them, and of course eating them! So, when Tinkerlab announced that their creative kids challenge was going to center around eggs I knew it was something the kids would love to take part in! Each family chooses an egg themed activity […]

Glowing Fizzy Eggs

With Easter right around the corner, I wanted to make something fun for the kids Easter baskets and I thought that bath bombs would be a fun and practical Easter basket filler. And, because I always like to take things up a notch, I wanted to figure out how to make them glow! The mission was […]

Kandinsky Citric Fizz

We really enjoyed exploring art this week when we made our art history Easter eggs, so I wanted to continue the fun and learn about another artist in a unique way. So, today, we’re learning about Wassily Kandinsky and exploring his circle painting while performing a new science experiment. I just love when art and science combine, […]

Art History Eggs

Even though my kids are young, I firmly believe that children are never too little to be exposed to advanced concepts. They may not grasp the information in its entirety, but giving them a taste of higher learning helps build knowledge, vocabulary, and self-awareness as they attempt to imitate new techniques. My husband is always […]

Edible Water Beads

We’re kind of obsessed with sensory play in our house! So, when some other blogging colleagues wanted to get collaborate and put together a huge sensory bin filler resource I was ecstatic! Forty bloggers are sharing 40 different fillers over the next 40 days and you can find them all HERE! While doughs and slimes […]

Contact Paper Confetti Kite

Sunny daffodils and lilac colored crocuses graze the hillsides here in Germany, spring is in full bloom! We are loving the extra hours of sunlight each day and finally being able to open the widows and let the breeze drift in! One such breezy day last week put us in a kite making mood. I […]

Rainbow Ice Castle

We are having the best weather this week, it’s finally warm enough to actually feel like playing with ice! Grayson loves his castle toys, so I wanted to build a sensory bin geared towards his interests (namely building and destroying)! And, because I’m always trying to work in educational concepts to the activities we do, […]